Calgary Professional Organizer is Saving Marriages One Item at a Time

"Sharing a home is really difficult so strategies are needed"

“I will have family members crying and hugging each other after I have demonstrated a working system that everyone can follow”.

Every marriage has it's rough patches, most will consult a marriage counsellor or psychologist to try and improve things. We found someone who takes a more practical (and affordable) approach to saving relationships. 

Stop Stepping on Each Other's Toes

Professional Organizer Collette Oswald, teaches families practical systems they can use to stop stepping on each other's toes. From Collette, "Endless shopping, lack of de-cluttering skills, and not having a system is a big cause of marital and financial difficulty".

"A lot of family frustration is born out of everyday tasks."

Collette says, "A lack of organizational skills will begin with frustration, then resentment, and lead to condemnation. You start seeing the worst in your partner because of the pain the situation causes you".

"Don't wait until the relationship tipping point"

Many of her clients will contact her as a last resort to save the marriage. She says a lot of pain and hurt could be avoided if couples would have contacted her earlier. "Once they learn how to live together, they stop arguing and resenting each other" . 

Practical solutions, with a counselling background

Collette uses her personal empathy and her background in counselling to help couples get through situations in a calm and gentle manner.  "I will have couples crying and hugging each other after we have created a working system that everyone can follow, the relief is immense after years of frustration".

Collette also specializes in helping families with head injury patients, and those with ADHD. Her personal experience and training in these areas helped her to carve out this niche.

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Collette Oswald - Saving Marriages One Item at a Time

Continually Sharing Her Knowledge

When Collette isn't helping people in person, you can find her on Facebook sharing tips and product reviews to her dedicated fans. We found incredible before and after photos of what she could get done in under 4 hours. 

To Discover More about Collette and Organizing, including a Free Course, Visit Her Website at

Calgary Renovation Company is Giving Away Money

Calgary’s tough economy is putting pressure on small business owners to get creative and win the hearts of their potential customers.

One company, Tricor Renovations of Calgary, is offering a $500 coupon to try and draw people in.

We spoke with the owner Mike Cramer who said, “the renovation landscape is extremely competitive these days, you need something to stand out”.

When asked about the cost he said, “I consider it part of my marketing budget, it’s worth it me get to earn a customers trust, they will stick with you for life, and tell their friends”.

Time will tell how things will work out for struggling owners, we believe creativity and innovation will win the day.

This Will Damage Your Home Like Nothing Else

I recently met with Calgary Handyman Frank Sanborn. He Talked about his 30 years of completing renovations in Calgary.

I asked him what homeowners need to do to keep their home in ship shape. He said, "water [damage] is the #1 enemy of any house". It will destroy things from the inside out, and make for very costly repairs".  

What should a homeowner do?

  • Occasionally check underneath sinks for slow leaks
  • Check Toilets and Hot water tanks for leaks
  • Don't ignore bathtub caulking that needs replacing
  • Make sure your roof shingles are in good shape and repelling water. If they are curled up they are not doing their job.
  • Keep your gutters and downspouts directing water away from the house

Do these simple tasks and your home should stay mold free and good looking for years. 

To learn more about Frank Sanborn, visit his website at


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