Meet Calgary’s Tree Whisperer

By Doug Spence / March 25, 2018
Tree Whisperer Calgary

"Trees are living beings and deserve respect"

Kevin has cared for our trees for many years now. In particular, our old crab apple tree. It has become so beautiful under his care – it’s like an art piece

After 30 years of tending to trees, Arborist Kevin Lee has earned the title, The Tree Whisperer.

After only a few minutes of speaking to Kevin, his expertise and personal connection with trees becomes immediately apparent.

During our conversation I discovered that Kevin may be the only Arborist in Calgary who doesn't remove or kill trees. Kevin says, "My clients come to me after everyone else has recommended the tree be removed or topped. Most of the time, with careful pruning and educating the owner about watering,  I am able to restore the tree to health".

“they have built their garden sanctuary over the years”

Kevin's clients are mostly gardeners, "They have created a special place, surrounding themselves with flowers, plants and trees". He talks about the grounding power of a backyard garden. 

Be Careful Who You Let Prune Your Trees

He warns that sometimes people make the mistake of not doing their research, trusting a big company, or a referral from a friend. " They don't know, make the wrong call, and the trees get butchered. The tree pays the price. They get home, look at the trees and start crying. They can tell the trees are not happy".

A Specialist at Solving Tough Tree Problems

Kevin says that his years of experience, study, and intuition are what guides him in diagnosing a tree problem. “I can feel it in my body, pulling me or telling me what to do, or where to look, and every disease, bug, or infection has a specific sign or footprint if you know how to read it”. 

Glowing Reviews on Google

Kevin's reputation stands for itself with over 25 glowing, (I mean glowing!) five star google reviews from exceptionally happy clients. Who knew there are so many other tree lovers in Calgary!

The Tree Whisperer - Arborist Kevin Lee

Online Database of Tree Knowledge

Kevin's website contains a huge amount of information for those looking to know more about how to care for their trees. From Proper Pruning to Diseases and Prevention. It's all there!

To Discover More About Kevin and His Tree Philosophy, Tree Care Tips and More, Visit his Website at