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What If You Get Soaked in Freezing Weather?

Can This Jacket Save Your Life?

Nearly two days ago I fell through the ice while ice fishing attempting to retrieve the boat anchor dug deep in the ice

None of us think it can happen to us....until it does. Soaking wet in the freezing cold. Once we are out of the water, hypothermia is eminent. 

Terrifying thoughts of our loved ones having to go on without us may enter our minds. 

That's why Ralph DiMeo is willing to get into freezing cold water on a Jersey winter's day to test his product. 

Ralph has what he calls, "Advisors" on his website: a collection of outdoorsmen who swear by his products, and are available for consultations on outerwear gear. 

Recommended by Dave Canterbury and tons of other Great Outdoorsmen all over YouTube

Turns out survivalist trainers, hunters and outdoorsmen love to test out WeatherWool and show their results on YouTube

Survivalist Dave Canterbury Testing Out WeatherWool

Extreme Warmth in a Variety of Designs

Image From The Urban Collection

Turns out his wool isn't just for spending time in the woods, his designs are extremely fashionable and you won't get any funny looks from the better half when you go to the restaurant.

“A lot of time and effort goes into choosing the wool, creating the material, the design, and tailor work. It’s unlike anything else on the market”

Not For Cheapskates, But Affordable

Ralph has spent years perfecting his wool. Prices range from $300 - 600 and up. He has a full product line of Jackets, Pants, Vests, Hats and Accessories.

What Makes The Difference?

Ralph's Wool is tested over 20 pa​rameters including  length of fiber, thickness of fiber, tensile strength, presence and placement of weak spots, crimp, presence of paint, presence of polypropylene, and color.

Ralph's WeatherWool graded out the highest!

What does this mean? A tougher, stronger, weather resistant material that still feels great on the skin and has an amazing 50 degree range of comfort from 20F - 70F (7 - 21C).

To Learn More About WeatherWool, Visit Their Website