A Different Kind of Arborist

"Trees have been around for millions of years, all we have to do is give them what they need"

Kevin has cared for our trees for many years now. In particular, our old crab apple tree. It has become so beautiful under his care – it’s like an art piece

Kevin Lee is a unique kind of arborist. To just call him an arborist is an understatement of his skill, knowledge and passion for trees.

His mission is to help people see through a lot of the tree care rhetoric and teach people how to truly care for their trees, without expensive or unnecessary tree treatments.

His natural tree care approach extends into his consulting services and especially the way he prunes trees.

“Many of my clients are high level executives or intellectuals who take pride in their homes and properties”

Kevin himself is more likely to be found reading a book on philosophy or poetry than swinging a chainsaw around as he specializes in the use of hand tools (including the Japanese handsaw) when pruning.

He Has a Great Love for Working with Fruit Trees.

Unfortunately Kevin has come across many “butchered” trees, which have been over-pruned or poorly pruned by less skilled workers.

While pruning, Kevin strives to preserve the health and beauty of the tree, he is able to visualize different pathways and outcomes of the pruning work, knowing that each action will affect the health and appearance of the tree.

His Clients Gave Him the Nickname “The Tree Whisperer”

Kevin says that his years of experience, study, and intuition are what guides him in diagnosing a tree problem. “I can feel it in my body, pulling me or telling me what to do, or where to look, and every disease, bug, or infection has a specific sign or footprint if you know how to read it”. 

Glowing Reviews on Google

Kevin's reputation stands for itself with over 40 glowing, (I mean glowing!) five star google reviews from exceptionally happy clients. Each review tells of Kevin’s workmanship and passion for trees, which has been demonstrated in Calgary for the past 30 years.

The Tree Whisperer - Arborist Kevin Lee

Kevin Can be Reached via His Website For Consultations and Pruning Services, ​Visit: