How Middle Class Families Are Avoiding Forclosure

“The Bank has Me Against a Wall and Scared”

The bank tells you if you miss your 5th payment, they will take the house, and your heart drops. This happens every day in Calgary according to Real Estate expert Ali Mawani,  "The bank has them scared, they feel backed up against a wall" says Sony. 

About to Lose Everything

He continues, "Most are afraid that they are about to lose everything. Including their good record."  Sony explains that most of these folks are in desperate situations, the home may be in bad condition, and need a lot of fixing up.  It may feel impossible to get out. 

No Time to Sell, No Money for Realtor Fees

For many of these folks, time is of essence. They don't have time to go through the listing process, and don't have money for realtor fees. 

You Can Avoid Foreclosing

Ali explains that you can avoid foreclosure by speaking with an independent buyer who buys homes quickly, providing families with the cash they need. 

Pay The Bank Back, Have Money Left Over, and Your Good Record

After the home is sold to the buyer, the owner can pay back the bank, still have money left over, and still have their good record. It's a win-win. 

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