How to Quit Sugar and Other Addictions with The Power of Your Mind

By Doug Spence / May 28, 2018

Quitting a Bad Habit Is Really Hard

You have probably a few bad habits that you have been trying to quit for years.  It's probably one of the hardest things we can do is to quite something.  The habits and motions are so ingrained in us.  The neural pathways are strong.  The triggers are all around us, and it can seem hopeless.  Sure we can start new habits, but how to break old one.  It turns out that our minds are powerful association makers, and we can use this power of association to overcome our deepest cravings. 

There is Hope, Use Psychological Powers to Overcome The Addiction

Our minds are more powerful than we give them credit for.  Millions of years of evolution has shaped and formed our minds into a most powerful tool, if we know how to use it properly.   We are social creatures, our own self concept is strongly influenced by our peers. Therefore, we can use the power of "personification" to deal with our most treacherous addictions. 

Below I demonstrate how I personified my sugar addition as "Mister Sweet", writing a letter to him explaining my gratitude and reasons for saying goodbye.  

“But mister ​sweet, you have a dark side”

My Letter to "Mister Sweet" shown below:

Dear Mr Sweet,
Oh mister sweet we have had some really good times.  I still remember how you helped me through my teenage years of stress and poverty.  You really gave me a relief from the pain.  You also are bonded in my mind with loving memories from my mother who shared her love with me by giving me a treat.  But mister sweet, you have a dark side.  I’ve started to depend on you too much.  I’ve started abusing you and using you everyday to help me feel better.  And you don’t like it when I over use you.  Then you hurt me.  You make me tired.  You make me sleepy.  You prevent me from getting my work done at home and on the job.  Because of this, you frustrate my family too.  They worry about me, my health, my longevity.  My kids are young, but I am old.  I worry that you are stealing time away from my future.  Time spent with my adult children.  Time spent with my grandchildren.  Time spent enjoying my old age, and the freedom that comes with it.  And the money.  You really are expensive to have around.  I spent money on you every week, and you just take things away.  You give a false love.  A comfort that feels like love.  But you betray me every time.  So it’s time to say goodbye.  I want you out of my life.  I will choose to fill my heart with love another way.  I will cherish my memories of my mother without you.  I will cope, breath and exercise to burn off excess energy and stress.  Thank you for everything but it’s time you leave.  Goodbye Mr Sweet.

"Mister Sweet"  

Now, Let's Hear From You...

Now that was intense! I strongly encourage you to write a letter to your personified addiction and please, if you are comfortable, we would love to hear your results in the comments below. Best wishes.