This Will Damage Your Home Like Nothing Else

By Doug Spence / February 3, 2018

I recently met with Calgary Handyman Frank Sanborn. He Talked about his 30 years of completing renovations in Calgary.

I asked him what homeowners need to do to keep their home in ship shape. He said, "water [damage] is the #1 enemy of any house". It will destroy things from the inside out, and make for very costly repairs".  

What should a homeowner do?

  • Occasionally check underneath sinks for slow leaks
  • Check Toilets and Hot water tanks for leaks
  • Don't ignore bathtub caulking that needs replacing
  • Make sure your roof shingles are in good shape and repelling water. If they are curled up they are not doing their job.
  • Keep your gutters and downspouts directing water away from the house

Do these simple tasks and your home should stay mold free and good looking for years. 

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